Naturally, all brands – established and new alike – need impactful activation for targeted growth, consumer aspiration and successful sell-through.

Our extensive expertise from building multiple brands in the Scandinavian markets, has transformed into the approach that we call ‘Brand Activation’ – a full-circle activities toolbox ranging from marketing campaigns and press relations to social media content, influencer endorsements and retail support.

We know that lifestyle needs biz and buzz, and we honour the right combination between emotional and rational through a 360 degrees communication architecture.
We build awareness, hype, fascination, and sell-through. In all our efforts, we are strategic, tactical and connected.


Digital Activation

In our tech world, we provide al relevant tools for a constant flow of the optimal digital tools for digital media and digital stakeholders.

Tools for success: Image bank, graphic layouts, media hubs, production of digital content, proactive pitch to stakeholders, follow-up.


As a fully charged SoMe team, we plan, produce content, publish, and analyse all content for LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. Also, we have all updated skills to monitor, track, and analyse the effects.

Tools for success: Videos, GIFs, Visuals, texts with hashtags and search words, content planning, analytics.


We believe in the importance of strong activation through weaponized storytelling for retailers and brands towards consumers. We develop and produce retail/etail activation including strong targets in reach, omni-channel awareness,clicks, comments, shares, and sell-through increase.

Stakeholder Showroom & VIP Wardrobing

We activate your collection towards all relevant stakeholders – from stylists and fashion editors from Scandinavian print fashion magazines to fashion bloggers and SoMe influencers as well as celebrities with a significant SoMe profile.

Tools for success: Seasonal showroom events in Copenhagen, pop-up events in Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki and constant flow of inspirational actions to ignite and inspire stakeholders.


We are experts in concept development, planning and execution of press events, consumer events, and fashion shows. We create a continuous identity with a keen expression to your events providing the full spectrum of event production services. In addition to the creative content and execution, we create a strong and effective communication strategy to facilitate engagement of relevant target groups, bloggers, press and celebrities.